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Cinderella emigrates – Travel outfit by

Maria Vanyovszki

Our new outfit post was inspired by an imaginary modern Cinderella story.
About the girls who never give up.
Those who are always leaving the comfort zone.
They believe everything is feasible.
If they fail, they dare to get started again.
They even inspire each other.
However, having their own ambitions, they never deny the essence of their femininity. If they feel so, they are ready to follow the beloved man to the end of the world. Their lives packed in two suitcases, carrying the "Cinderella topans" in their hand, they bring beauty and life to any part of the world.
Outfit: INQ concept
Transparent gym bag: Müskinn
Footwer in gym bag: Gabriella Veszprémi
Suitcases: my own, from the time when I emigrated across borders following the beloved man.
Model: Annavirág Klausz 
Photo: Gábor Kökény 
Concept: Mária Vanyovszki


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