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Film, Love, Soul - Mood in 35mm

Maria Vanyovszki

In the heyday of digital imaging and the never-ending perfection of photoshop, we have returned to the incomparable magic of analog photography and whit this I’m planning to launch a new series on the site…
I prepared two outfits: one very colorful, very mixed and trashy, the other one an infinitely glamorous, all gold...
The first one shows how irrelevant is whether the clothes are new, old, cheap, expensive, female, male, small or even big, because the combination, the coolness and the confidence make the impact.
Golden Globe inspired elevator scene in a typic Hungarian panel house:

Mood video by Adam:

Concept: Maria Vanyovszki
Photo and video: Temesi Ádám
Lights: Szalai Imre
Models: Kiszner Édua Vanyovszki Mária
Gowns: Richard Alexander
Blue fur: Furever- Fashion. Home. Design.
Gold shoes: REKAVAGO

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