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Tribute to the Photographers- Milan Fashion Week Style Part 4.

Maria Vanyovszki

In today's visual overload, when anyone takes and shares photos of anything on social media, we rarely think about who took the photos. Yet the primary filter is the vision of the photographer who held the camera (or the mobile phone) in his hand and pressed the button.
When I started, I often took photos of events myself in the beginning. However, the photographer becomes one with his device, and instead of being a participant in the events, he becomes an invisible, and often anonymous observer.

As the founder of the magazine and as a writer, it was important for me to connect with people, to be part of what was happening, so after a while I always took a photographer with me to be my third eye.

Since then, I've always been a great admirer of the commitment and humility of photographers, as they become one with their cameras as invisible storytellers, capturing what we see.

The following street style selection is therefore about them through the eyes of Joon Filmlab, on the streets of Milan during fashion week.
Although the photographers prefer to be behind the camera, their style of dress is as remarkable and inspiring as their models.
In action:
Photos: Joon Filmlab - Milan Fashion Week - February 2023 

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