Makány Márta

Makány Márta is one of the most popular Hungarian fashion designers, specialised in bridal, evening and daily wear.
' The way we love'
Original garments, unique style, special design - These are the signatures of the Makány Márta brand.
Makány Márta chose fashion as a means of  professional expression. Her garments reflect an emotional, open, positive approach to life. Her modern creations with their easy elegance and classic femininity meet the needs of today's woman. Márta's skilful application of innovative technologies in the creation of her luxurious garments give her collections a unique touch which never goes unnoticed. She is an exceptionally talented person whose garments are a work of art in their own right.
The creations particularly appeal to women who want to celebrate the most significant moments in their life looking glamourous and sophisticated. Women who are open to the world, who are lively, tasteful, energetic, happy and self-confident.
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