émé - Autumn / Winter 2015


City style of modern women: the name 'Soulages' conceals a light and French styled collection here.
It was almost two years ago when this super popular pair of young Hungarian designers appeared. As they say they just create regular clothes of their own taste following their instincts. It seems to be working cause they launched already the fourth collection this year.
Clothes have been inspired by the iconic paintings of Pierre Soulages: black patterns surround contradictionally white and clean blue parts. Just like the French painter, these Central European designers have been touched by the opposition of bright and dark, contrast of light and shadow.
Artistic story of this creative design is told by the diversity of different fabrics as wool, muslin, silk, jeans, coat weft or soft shell. Black and white - as signature colours of the painter - are variated by a sense of blue. Patterns are elegant but asymmetric; special collars, pockets and vertical lines as typical ťmť elements can be discovered on coats, blouses, dresses, long waists, sweaters and bags. Je ne sais quoi: variable, practical pieces based on the art of elegance - probably this is the way Soulages would paint fashion of nowadays.

Lookbook pictures:
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Store: One Fashion – Bp. IX., Ráday u. 9.

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