NAPSVGAR - Spring / Summer 2016

NAPSVGAR newest collection oranized as some kind of "Critters Klub", which has its own regulation, known as the SS16 fashion rules:
1. Their main inspiration was drawn from the biggest American motorcycle clubs in the 30s, 40s, 50s. We imagined the moment, when the race is over, and the motorcyclist gets off his/her bike, and takes off his/her jacket while covered in sweat, mud and dirt.

2. They modernised this motorcycle world by transferring the inspiration to the 21st century, by updating the style with hashtags, graffiti style, and progressive silhouettes. All of their materials are human friendly including hemp, leather, organic cotton, linen, bamboo and luxury shearling. They also experimented with leather like cane toad, from Australia which is a very invasive species there, but they make them thrive in the fashion world! They also used other exotic leathers such as eel, caiman and our signature leather manipulations mixed with custom graphics.

3. Their brand’s basic inspiration comes from nature and life, which is a reoccurring theme for the brand. You see, the meaning of the designer's Hungarian name Napsugar /næpʃʊɡ.ər/ is “Sunshine” in English! There is no life without sunshine, photosynthesis or oxygen, and this idea of the circle of life, is what embodies the collection.

4. This season they included four new handmade graphics, and they call them Napsvgar Critters. They built their philosophy around these graphics, which present the balance between human and animal behaviours, and the combination of their properties, which are never self-serving. Each graphic has a deeper, hidden meaning, that are unveiled through the collection of hashtags built around the collection.

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