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"Buy Once, Wear Forever" - Five Unique Coats for Spring #style

For about a week now, I've been preparing to write a spring-inspired article about coats. Yesterday afternoon, in a café on Andrássy Road, the following conversation caught my ear:
- What a beautiful coat you have!
- Thank you! A good coat is a once in a lifetime purchase!
I turned around and saw a stylish lady in a black coat with a particular texture and cut.
"A very special coat indeed. It suits you very well," I added to the conversation.
"Thank you! Designer piece. I'll see what it's called."
"Artista!" - I guessed immediately.
 "Yes," she looks at me in amazement. "I bought it 10 years ago. But a good coat is a one-time buy"! - he repeats the iconic phrase, which I couldn't think of a better way to say.
A well-chosen spring coat is truly a timeless piece. It remains our faithful companion through all ages, changing styles and ever-changing female roles.
It is in this spirit that the following recommendation is made.

And since the lead was inspired by an Artista coat, I've also sought out my first recommendation from them.


It brings the style of a classic parka with a modern twist, decorated with a beautiful painting by Ludovic Thiriez.

A coat that tells and collects stories.

The zipped design with a belted waist is made even more practical with two large pockets to keep your memories safe. Made from waterproof fabric, the jacket is currently on sale for 119 000 Ft.

ESZKA - Checkered Coat

Eska became popular specifically for its coats. The knitwear palette quickly caught on to individual needs, where the need for comfort and functionality meets the need for a striking look.
I chose this black and lime patterned piece because it doesn't otherwise bring the typical Eszka patterns.

Its extremity is both impressive and timeless.

If someone says it's vintage, I believe them. The robe-like style with large pockets is also a good accompaniment to the periodic changes in the shape of the female figure.
The price is 150 Euro.

RAD DUET - Radium coat

One of my favourites from the last home fashion week, a retro patterned green piece by Polish label Rad Duet, made using vintage fabrics. Inspired by the work and discoveries of Marie Curie.
Designed with special tailoring solutions, the jacket can be styled in a variety of ways and its feminine lines allow it to be shaped to fit more body types.
As this is a newly launched collection, the price is not yet known.

VIKTORIA VARGA Budapest - Classic camel wool coat, hand-dyed and decorated with ribbon appliqués

At Victoria's you can order a coat in any colour, so for this selection I deliberately chose not a bright shade, but this camel-coloured coat, as an inspiration for the lover of classic, pastel, beige and brown world.
Designed by Anne-Marie Beretta for Max Mara in 1981, the camel coat has undergone countless transformations over the decades and remains an unforgettable favourite for all ages. It's as much a part of the fast fashion palette as it is of the high fashion range.

It was this latter vision that Victoria tapped into and added to the sophistication of the artworks.

The jacket is made of straight cut wool with viscose lining and illustrates the 1929 canvas painting Umbrellas in Viareggio by János Vaszary. The decoration is made using an artfully intricate technique: after sketching the fabric, hand-made ribbons are stitched together and then a final, delicate layer of paint is applied. 
The price is 800 Euro.

DEMOBAZA - Futuristic jacket with scarf overlays for individual variation


One of the classic styles from the unique world of my favourite Bulgarian brand.

Even with its grey colour, the couture stitching and feminine downward flare gives the wearer a striking and unique look.
The price is 1 195.00 Euro.

And +1 extra:

MIHANO MOMOSA - Bright Yellow Feathered Jacket

One of the newcomers at this year's fashion week, the Serbian Mihano Momosa, already well-known in his home country, approaches textile creations with the vision of a sculptor. After seeing floral motifs on the catwalk of the Museum of Fine Arts, it was particularly exciting to discover this bright yellow jacket, moulded with real feathers.
The price - €2 400 - is a bit steep, but it's justified by the long hours of handmade application of sustainably collected feathers.

If we can think long term about such an iconic piece, we can start saving for it ;)

Which one is your favourite?
Cover: Ksena Chernaya

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