When your Clothes Take You to Another Reality - DEMOBAZA: The Source

Maria Vanyovszki

If I had infinite money, I would probably replace my entire wardrobe with DEMOBAZA. Their whole brand identity is like something I wrote. The futuristic-looking suits evoke a dystopian sci-fi world, where it's not a negative vision of the future that is presented to us, but the possibility of change and unity, based on light and the infinite power of human love.
DEMOBAZA is a Bulgarian conceptual fashion brand, created in 2007 by Demo and Tono, the owners and designers of the brand with a background in engineering and research. It is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They started with an online store of one-off creations and deconstructed jeans, and later expanded into limited production. The concept, infused with engineering knowledge and spirituality, has emerged on the local and then international creative scene with a completely unique vision.
For them, the brand's deep philosophical thoughts are not just about the clothes, and the artistic imagery is not just about the promotion, but much more.

Where worldview and appearance are in perfect harmony

DEMOBAZA is defined by its creators as a project beyond fashion, aiming to create a new dimension for the future. The means of realisation is the combined vibration of the special energy created by the clothes and the wearables distributed by the fans, which, in their formulation, leads towards a shared, unified awakening and enlightenment.
A full range of men's and women's clothing is available in their collections.
Based on the current range, DEMOBAZA is a high-end casual couture brand with a distinctive and instantly recognisable style, minimalist yet striking and futuristic.
The deconstructed sporty silhouettes also have a sci-fi filmic feel, with a brilliant balancing act between kitsch and uniform.
The conceptual realisation of the garments uses natural and high-tech materials, which are moulded in a completely unique way to reflect the electromagnetic fields of the planet and the human body in their character.
Their revolutionary collections are inspired by the power of consciousness and the vision of a new human being who transcends the artificial, material world into spiritual existence.
The About section of the brand's website is full of scientific experiments that demonstrate the creative power of humanity:
How much our collective consciousness controls our reality, and how together we can move powerful energies with our minds and hearts.
This autumn-winter collection is inspired by this combination of Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and futuristic desires. It is characterised by a deliberate attention to detail and the concept of deconstructive uniforms.

With a palette of bold reds, strong blacks and moody beiges, each piece has been meticulously crafted to reflect the original, always recognisable DEMOBAZA design aesthetic.​ 
So functionality meets everyday luxury, and an exceptional commitment to redeeming ourselves and the world.
THE SOURCE is a line of clothing with adaptable pieces and versatile layering that invites you on a nomadic, futuristic and adventurous story, an expedition to Source
The campaign was shot in the breathtaking landscapes of Mongolia. The creators chose the place because of its isolation from civilisation and its deep historical ties to their homeland, Bulgaria, recalling the great migrations of their ancestors, the discovery of new lands, including the land of Genghis Khan.
The central concept of the campaign video is the same story: an immersive journey in search of our personal source.


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