Eco Fashion Show - 3. Global Sustainable Fashion Week

The 3. Global Sustainable Fashion Week - International eco-fashion show in the Millennium Center (entrance from 19.-21- Váci st. ), as a prominent closing event of the 3. GSFW. 
During this complex event of GSFW ( exhibitions, conferences, panel discussions) the issue of the equal opportunities is also an important focus on the current themes of sustainable and ethical fashion.

The eco fashion show starts 7 PM, on 13th April, where the National Fashion League Hungary Association's Ability Fashion Team members also participate in the presentation of the designer's clothes.

The latest collections of the following designers can be viewed by our guests:
Kalina Kuzmanova and the founder of Balkan Fashion Week, Elena Alexy from Bulgaria, 
Christina Omollo from Kenya, 
Juliya Neva From from Russia,  
Mira Indria from Indonesia, 
Adrienn Kortvély from Hungary, 
Krivanics Ágnes and Szépligeti Ágnes from London, UK, but with Hungarian hearts. 

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