MONO meets the artist

MONO art & design presents: MONO meets the artist

Hand-made design nowadays is a welcome alternative for those seeking a distinctive and original product handcrafted by an artisan. You can own a machine-made, digitally crafted replica or a one of a kind that is imperfect, tactile and unique. It's a matter of choice. MONO is supporting the idea of the maker movement that has now reached the Budapest art scene and is providing a platform for young talents. “MONO meets the artist” is an experimental project of a kind, which is rooted in several inspirational sources. First and foremost the project was driven by personal motivation, the appreciation towards our designers’ products, as well as the beauty of the design process. On the other hand the initiative itself that we create our own creative content was one of the goals besides promoting Hungarian design at large - just as our concept-store-slash-gallery does. The short documentary visualises the process of the creation, celebrates the originality and quality of the products, so does it intend to reflect the passion each of their work carries, like they had a soul. We also aimed to highlight the importance of storytelling throughout the branding. The film is sort of an acknowledgement on the occasion of our one-year-existence.

Designers, artists
/// AGNESKOVACS, Balilla by Lilla Balázs, DEZKA, Hannabi, Je Suis Belle, Kezemura, Malinovka, MOHA design, Nubu, Personal Perception

Creative concept
/// Horváth Bernadett, Lengyel Barbara, Pásztor Turák Réka

Filmed by
/// Bernadett Horvath

/// Spark the Hawk

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