Street Fashion Art Budapest - Fashion show, Art & Vintage Fair

Are you an art lover, more a street style one? Are you ready for a young, fresh and hip stylish event? Are you interested in an „alternative Budapest” inspired collection of international designers?
If yes, then our exclusive event is a real fit for you! See, Check out&Shop!
Mix your ruined pub experience with a street fashion art program. We invite you for a cool fashion show in one of the best gems of the city, in Szimpla. You can check out the capsule collection of our following fellow designers:
- enjoy the graphic artworks printed on stylish clothes by Alessandro Macciocco,
- experience the extravagantly designed collection of Claudia Mileji,
- get inspired by the brave&chick clothes of Tímea Hecendorfer.
If it wasn’t enough, you can also immerse yourself in the creative work of some other artists, es:
- Dávid Merényi – oil paintings,
- János Zoltán Kovács - paintings, drawings,
- Szaffi Asbóth & Flóra Bodnár - SuSu,
Also, you can find out the tips&tricks of how to refresh your style with:
- DoDee – stylist.

For the exact program stay tuned, but still we can give you a hint of what is waiting for you.
The event begins the afternoon with the CERAMIC FAIR of Szaffi Asbóth & Flóra Bodnár, PAINTINGS by Dávid Merényi, János Zoltán Kovács DRAWING OF PORTRAITS, FASHION GUIDANCE/STYLE WORKSHOP with DoDee and a VINTAGE FAIR to find your perfect old-school catch.
The evening than continues with the FASHION SHOW of Alessandro Macciocco, Tímea Hecendorfer and Claudia Mileji. 
We won’t stop of course after the show but will dive into the real “festa”. Party and dance with the artists and models!

The participation is free! 

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