SYMBOLS OF LOVE - Olga Kondratska exhibition at the Kempinski

Vanyovszki Mária

When we see a work of art, it is not the object itself that speaks to our soul. It's the process that starts inside us and the other one that lies behind the creation of the work.


At the last event of the Art Soirée, an exhibition of Olga Kondratska's love-themed paintings was opened at the Kempinski Hotel, organized by Ildikó Benkő, Ar2day Gallery.
Olga is not only a painter, she is also a successful architect and interior designer, a creator of public spaces and, as a twist, a fashion designer.
I did a quick interview with Olga after the opening, in which she told me about the story of her love-themed paintings and the symbolism of colour.

At first glance, Olga Kondratsa's paintings seem as obvious as pop culture phrases, only to dive deep into them to discover our own processes and, in conversation with the artist, the nuggets and beauties of her creative journey.
But by the time we reach this simple truth, the one-dimensional starting point of everything, we have lived countless lives with their complex middle paths.
The exhibition is on display in the lobby of the Kempinski Hotel.
Photos: Ar2day Gallery

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