Love on the Catwalk - ROBERT WUN: "FOR LOVE"

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If you are interested in combining the Asian vision of Valentine's Day with the Lunar New Year, I highly recommend ROBERT WUN's "FOR LOVE" collection.

After seeing the outfits presented at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, I won't be wondering what Dior or Chanel are up to for a while:

Haute couture is now being written by a new generation...

Robert Wun was born and raised in Hong Kong. In the buzzing environment of my favourite Asian city, he became interested in fashion at the age of 11. As he told British Vogue in a previous interview:
"I met a cool girl a few years older than me at my family’s church who started a course in fashion design and she changed my perception of everything. Then I started getting into thrift shopping and customising my own clothes.”
Robert moved to London, where he graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion and launched his own brand two years later in 2014.
He made his Paris debut last year. His distinctive vision and sartorial prowess already captivated the industry and the public.
He is the first Hong Kong designer to join the Haute Couture Calendar as a guest member of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. In fact, his Paris 2023 debut was the closing show of the official Haute Couture Fashion Week.
For those who might not have noticed last year, this year he went from one wonder to another as he placed his sculpture-like creations in space and time on the red catwalk.
Presented under the title "FOR LOVE", the collection is like a futuristic Wong Kar-wai film or a Hunger Games love story set in London with an Asian perspective.
Robert Wun is one of the greatest artists of storytelling collections among today's designers. He masterfully combines the possibilities of English high tailoring with elements of fine art.
The last show we saw was transformed into a theatrical performance without the models having to follow any special instructions other than still, statuesque hand positions.

He elevates the world of fashion shows to the level of performance art solely through the sight of clothes.

He made both men's and women's clothes.
Those who watch the show "FOR LOVE" can reflect on episodes from their own love stories. Fitted, curved shapes are in dialogue with sharp, angular forms and seemingly endless black claws.
Costumes of headdresses, hats, coats and cloaks start out in the rain, only to arrive through love letters and passion to weddings, idyll, then to brokenness, grief, blood and utter redness.
Robert Wun is constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of fashion freedom through his unique creative expressions. And we pay homage to him with religious reverence, just as the 11-year-old boy in church was once impressed by the older girl's cool attire.
Photos Courtesy of ROBERT WUN
Details of the looks:

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