Mexican Life Style for Love - Por Amor by KATA SZEGEDI x Don Julio

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At the exclusive event of the Budapest Central European Fashion Week, the Autumn-Winter 2024/2025 collection of the Kata Szegedi brand was presented in the studio of Márton Nemes. The event, which could almost be interpreted as a contemporary performance, was organized in collaboration with the luxury tequila brand Don Julio.
"If not for love, then for what?
The question that has defined not only the history of the Don Julio brand and led to the birth of the world's first luxury tequila in 1942 but is also the headline of its newest campaign:

Por Amor

“Por Amor” captures the essence of the modern Mexican lifestyle, inviting consumers to embrace life with passion, creativity, and heart – just like artists do.

With the values represented by the luxury tequila brand, Don Julio is a committed supporter of initiatives that celebrate the word of heart, and its name is often intertwined with the world of fashion and music.

For the first time in Hungary, Don Julio collaborated with the well-known Hungarian designer duo, Kata Szegedi and Dániel Benus, at the presentation of the autumn-winter collection 2024-2025 of the Szegedi brand in the framework of Budapest Central European Fashion.
The self-organised exclusive event was hosted in the studio of painter Márton Nemes, and after the presentation, participants toasted with Don Julio Paloma tequila cocktails to the latest pieces created with artistic dedication.
"The work of the Kata Szegedi brand design duo is absolutely in line with Don Julio's philosophy, which puts passion, dedication and artistic self-expression above everything else. Whether it's music, fine art or fashion, Don Julio is a luxury brand that supports truly exceptional talents who share the same passion that drove Don Julio González to create the brand. Kata and Dani’s very contemporary, fresh works draw on contemporary local music and art, while inspiring many with their passion for fashion. They are outstanding talented artists whose visions deserve to be celebrated with Don Julio tequila." – said Juliana Ballarin, Marketing Director of Diageo Eastern Europe.
Kata Szegedi and Dániel Benus are not only significant representers of the Hungarian fashion scene but have also proven themselves on international catwalks with their iconic pieces.
"We are honored to work with a world-renowned luxury brand like Don Julio. The philosophy of the brand is close to us, as our story and our work are both based on following our hearts, and owning our uniqueness while passionately striving for expressing our creativity. It's a true milestone for us to be able to launch our Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 collection for the first time in partnership with a brand committed to supporting outstanding talents around the world." - said Kata Szegedi, one of the designers of the Kata Szegedi brand.

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