Such an extraordinary night! – The Sentiments Fashion Show

Vanyovszki Mária

Find 20 girls who can skate in perfect unison, dress them in couture, and send them to the outdoor ice rink venue, at the middle of the night. Hit or miss?

The Hungarian fashion designer, couture expert Joó Beatrix, who is always thirsty for new challenges, fiercely took all the risks of an outdoor venue.

The invitation of the revealing fashion show of the IceQueen collection (the collection has been already reviewed on the site) has arrived a few weeks ago. The extraordinary news were that the SentimentCouture creations won’t be worn by models but will be presented by the figure skating team called Team Passion, on the City Park Ice Rink of Budapest.

I was super excited about the event, so I planned to arrive with a full crew, but at the end I almost stacked at home with a rising pharyngitis. But I pulled myself together, and every moment was worth it.

The performance of the Hungarian Figure Skating Team provided a magical vibe at the already remarkable venue.
The girls deserve a serious hats off: They unveiled the collection with breathtaking movements wearing impressive headpieces, and stunning sheer tulle, chiffon dresses with trails and veils.
They made the show distinguishable from any other with their dancing, their moves and their never fading smile. We could keep watching them for hours, despite the freezing weather.
The event was created also in memory of Andor Kovács, the mentor of Beatrix, the designer. They had a more traditional show on the same venue, on the same date 11 years ago.
The Hungarian ‘Ice Queens’ dazzling performance at the City Park Ice Ring was not only a memorable event but the perfect cherry on top of this seasons shows.
We cover the event with an exciting new 360° video as our KULISSZA program special.
In this video you can see one of the coaches of the Figure Skating team – Erika Gulyás, and the headpiece designer – Zsófi Vecsei.

Special thanks to Beatrix Joó, whose confident and calm mindset was exceptional during our ad hoc interview in a hectic and chaotic backstage environment.
Translation by Annavirag Klausz 

Photos: Nikoletta Nerpel
360 video - Opening in new window using Youtube is recommended

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