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When the street officially becomes the catwalk - Milan Fashion Week Street Style Part 1

Vanyovszki Mária

In the latest issue of Fashion Street Magazine, I wrote about how cycles and trends work in the fashion forecasting section.
One of my favourite theories is the “bottom-up” forecasting model which monitors street style innovations. That also means that by the time a major fashion house comes out with a new trend, the demand for it has already existed, and on a micro level, it could have appeared on the streets.

The mass spread of the trend happens when fast fashion brands copy the big houses and flood their stores with the same design.

This time of year all of the big fashion cities become catwalks for innovators. Fashion week is as much on the streets as it is on the runways of the fashion houses.


This year, @joon_filmlab captured some spectacular street style sets that we will share with you in the coming days...

Please welcome the first part

Street Mood

For my first street style series, I have selected some of Joon's photos that are not about the usual sterile outfit capturing. In an almost documentary way, they reflect the atmosphere of the everyday street scene, with the capital FASHION mixed in.

Thanks to Joon's free approach, the photos have an almost cinematic feel. It's no coincidence, the young artist also shoots films.
Fotók:  Joon Filmlab

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