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Women's Day Selection from Milan - Fashion Week Street Style 3. rész

Maria Vanyovszki

As the is usully more about women than men, a day after International Women's Day, my street style selection is all about men.
The men without whom we women would not be where we are.

The ones who supported us to learn, or even hurt us and we escaped.

Men who were good bosses and inspired us, or who were bad bosses and showed us that we would do things differently in a similar position.

The men who let us sit at the table and let us speak, but also the men who, behind the intelligent look, saw us more as pretty-faced listeners.

Men who are frightened by everything a beautiful, intelligent woman represents, and men who are not… As one of them said:
"My experience is that there are women who are essentially perfect. They are angels. And they are right about everything. And I get to experience really good things with girls like that."
Photos: Joon Filmlab - Milan Fashion Week - February 2023 

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