And everything began with London… - Fashion Week Reports, Part 1

Maria Vanyovszki

I didn’t have a chance to catch my breath on the week before LFW, the only thing I caught was a cold. So as the coronavirus scare was lingering above Europe, at 2 o’clock on Friday I couldn’t decide whether I should leave to catch my flight at 4. I was worried that in the recently brexited London my contagiously sick Eastern European arse will get in trouble, and I won’t even get to the Fashion Week.

All my worries, however, were in vain, because flying is a healing affair for me. I landed safe and sound to the British capital.

For me fashion is not just simply about wearing clothes, its an experience. Similar to flying it elevates us to a new dimension. And as another art form it opens our mind to new messages, new adventures, healing thoughts and other delights.

Fashion Week is the deification of all these ideas. Other than showing new collections and presenting new trends its more about socializing and discussing thought provoking ideas, and deciding on important messages.

About your life calling! The where! And the with whom! is proud to present the new up close and personal coverage of not just the Hungarian but the international fashion weeks, fashion news, and collections. Starting in 2020.

The extraordinary city sights of London can not exclude the groups of tough British girls who are wearing crop tops, strappy sandals, miniskirts despite the most cruel weather conditions. While we with my assistant, Annavirag, were trying to stay warm in thermal panties and furry bucket hats, and shield each-other from the raging storm and flooding rain.

The weather this year was especially dreadful during London Fashion Week. There were an occasion when we couldn’t leave the British Fashion Council's lounge, instead I was drying my hair in front of the Kevin Murphy advert.

Speaking of BFCThe LFW preparations were impeccable, my press registry went through the system in just a few days without any complication, however the on sight guidance was less satisfying to say the least. For example in the main BFC location the entrance hall had a corridor leading to the presentation area to the left and had a staircase leading to the catwalks to the right. As we were heading from the presentation rooms to the catwalks, despite showing our press passes, we couldn’t get through the rope barriers. Instead we had to leave the building, walk outside to the rain go through the cordon maze again, to get into the same hall we had have already been in just four steps to the right where we were previously standing. That is when the shivering Annavirag said: “London is just as much of a mess as any other...”
My face:
My ensembles during the three days of LFW:

ROMANI dress from the BLUE PRINT collection

Viktoria Varga dress from the SS20 collection
ByVarga jacket from the autumn-winter collection

More pictures, details, collection reviews and the coronavirus scare in Milan are coming soon...
Photos: Annavirag Klausz and me
Translation by Annavirag 

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