PRADA's Reality Can Be Your Future - Milan Men's Fashion Week AW 2024

Maria Vanyovszki

I have a feeling that the spread of AI, the home office comfort of the epidemic, and the growing internal awareness of the younger generations will bring a transformation to the workplace and office that we cannot yet imagine. In my opinion, the 8-hour working day will disappear completely; the longing for experiences of nature, the intensification of inner spiritual values will be both the driving force and the result of these changes.
Fashion is characterised by the ability of its forward-thinking geniuses to anticipate these generational, economic and social changes.
While what's new at Men's Fashion Week tends to be less of a buzz, the Mens' section of Milan Fashion Week, which closes today, is worth keeping an eye on, especially when it comes to the signature pieces from the likes of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons.
The men's collection for the autumn/winter 2024 season is called HUMAN NATURE.
Continuing the ambiguity of the word, the set created for the show contrasts the office interior with the fresh, greening natural landscape. With the paradox of coexisting worlds, the collection explores the fundamental truths of humanity, the possibilities of living our natural instincts and our deepest emotional needs.
The sets also reflect the need for a natural cycle in contrast to artificial reality. The harmony of the inside with the outside is also reflected in the changing seasons and trends.
Since the pandemic, the topic of office dressing has become increasingly exciting. Prada's runway is also featuring luxurious knitted sweatpants, complemented by Industrial Revolution balloon jackets, colourful sweaters and headwear that combines vintage with a youthful vibe.
The return of the tie combined with long sleeves paints an interesting picture of the changing face of the office worker. Untouchable, like nature behind glass in a set...
A distinctive feature of Prada's pieces is the maximum attention to detail, where familiar garments are constantly reworked, for example the button-up balloon cap is not only more practical, but also more modern with a zip fastening.
While Raf Simons' boxy shapes seemed unusual at the beginning of the collaboration with the fashion house, the current grey jacket show was an exciting balance between big shapes and tailoring.
Cigarette trousers worn with accentuated suit shoes were combined with either tight turtlenecks or tie-neck shirts, which were paired with wide leather straps in contrasting colours.
Twin sets sent out in pairs are increasingly becoming a trademark of the fashion house, as are bright colours and light cardigans.
Prada's faded blue jeans, combined with a skinny jeans shirt and tie under a chic grey coat, are a new take on the unique ensemble and its evocation of the circular past.
To be continued.
Photos: Courtesy of Prada
Watch the full show here:

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