What Does Stella McCartney Have to do with Süel?

Maria Vanyovszki

Basically nothing, but why are we using this dramatic title anyway?
Stella McCartney is one of the internationally well-known designers, who is constantly standing out for the improvement of eco consciousness in fashion industry. The brand has been declared to be vegetarian, as the designer does NOT use leather, fur or feather and has set high standards of using alternative materials. She tends to work with organic cotton, viscose from sustainable resources, recycled nylon and wood.
To make it more extraordinary, the latest campaign of hers, was shot on a dump of East Scotland. There was a big hype around this concept, as it is getting more and more trendy to talk about sustainable fashion. 
Photo from Stella McCartney's 2017 AW Campaign
Exactly a year ago, 14, July 2016, an eco knits fair was organized by a local Hungarian knitwear brand, Süel, which was already drawing attention to this problem with a “dump shooting “.
Süel - July 2016
The Budapest based designer went out to the dump to introduce the event and the eco-collection herself, to highlight the contrast between fine materials and the heaps of garbage and to emphasize the importance of recycling.
Süel - July 2016
Unique recycled pieces could be purchased at he succeeding fair.
Süel - Fashion Street store  - July 2016
Thanks to the creativity of the brand there is always something new to emerge from the remaining materials and pieces.
The essence of being eco-conscious lies in the recognition and utilization of local facilities.
You don’t necessarily have to buy extremely expensive organic materials, far-away recycled nylon or viscose, to spot those opportunities that could decrease the ecological footprint.
We have more and more good examples in Hungary, one of them is the campaign of Süel.
Süel campaign photos: Adrienne Horváth

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